Sunday, February 17, 2013

BrewDog, the beer revolution

BrewDog is a wicked independent brewery in Scotland. The company started in 2007, it is young, dynamic and fun. Seems also like a nice working environment. I have been reading the blog all day, watching their videos, it is just so amazing from the perspective of a marketer, a foodie and a beer lover. They proclaim THE BEER REVOLUTION!

“Act crazy, be heavily armed at all times and scream in German.”

Take a look at this video which will explain more about BrewDog:

They have a nice product portfolio of different craft beer, cool modern packaging, and wicked product names like: Dead Pony Club, 5am Saint, Punk IPA, Libertine Black Ale, Anarchist/Alchemist, 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin,…

32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin, is the strongest beer in the world. They also made a funny video about this product and how they won the title from the Germans: Sink the Bismarck! By BrewDog

The look of these bottles, the name, the ingredients, the young responsible craziness and the conviction of bringing not an alcohol but a perfect crafted beer with plenty of savors to enjoy with some food. A list of suggested matching food with beer is available on the blog, which as a foodie is amazing for me.

From the marketing point of view, they are very active online:
Online shop
Social networks
A very attractive website
Nice blog with a lot of good content
Corporate Responsible
Environmental friendly
Bars across the UK

As last I would like to present you a new human achievement: Sunk Punk!
Look at the following to know what’s the new Human Achievement!

The next video is about The end of history which ends up in one of the most hilarious packagings I ever saw, look at the Story behind "The End of History".

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