Friday, February 8, 2013

Carlton Draught Tingle

Have you ever got that feeling that you're working too hard and barely had time to go out and enjoy a night with your friends at the pub?

Well I think everybody knows that feeling...

Carlton Draught, one of Australia's most popular sold tap beers, knows the feeling as well and has been creative enough to translate it into the ''Carlton Draught Tingle'' (2010)

The Foster group decided not to launch the ad on TV because it could be offensive to the general public. Instead they launched it through online media, which proved to be a way more succesful.

1. TV advertising has some restrictions concerning language, sexual implications, ... while online media is freer.
2. The Foster Group can reach their target group more efficiently

To support their main ad they also produced four 16 second ads, called the any excuse series. You can watch them below!

The next one is my favourite!! :-)

3 big cheers for their humor!!

Over and out!



  1. I can't get the Carlton Draught Tingle out of my head... does this mean I need beer?

    Here's another one:

  2. Thanks for the reply and the video, much appreciated.
    Enjoy a well deserved beer :)