Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bavaria: Cultural commercial differences

Let's take a closer look at Bavaria Beer 0,0% alcohol beer and their advertisement in different continents.
Mali (Africa)

Simple advertisement without too much to think about. A case of beer drops down from a truck, a little boy picks it up and makes sure it reaches its destination. African music, very social.
I do find it kind of strange that they use a child to bring the beer to the crowd, even if it's 0,0% alcohol. But I would have chosen an adult.


In the USA and Western Europe they use Celeb Charlie Sheen to endorse the Bavaria 0,0%
As you might or might not know, Charlie Sheen has been in the spotlight for excessive use of alcohol during his time of 2 and a half men.

By using a real life topic, which is rather serious (alcohol addiction), in a funny way with a celebrity that admits he was wrong and who is known for his humor, Bavaria did a good job to promote their 0,0% beer.
A good PR stunt from Charlie Sheen as well as he wants to be in the positive spotlight

Big differences in approaching the target market in different countries/continents.


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