Saturday, February 23, 2013

They should have used Google before naming their beer!

Hi Beerlovers,

I just came across this little funny story. Most of you probably know how important the productname is for the positioning in the market, product awareness etc. And most of the marketers will put some work in the creative process of naming their product. But not all of them...

Ov-ral is a beer brewed in Copenhagen, Denmark. It's a beer with 10.5% alcohol and has a aroma combination of caramel malt, banana and pine.

The beer was doing very well in Denmark and the brewery wanted to export Ov-ral to America. But they should have done some research first. Because Ov-ral is already a contraception in the US. What would you do if you order a beer and get a pill instead? ;)

What do you guys think? Is it a fail or maybe a strategy of the brewery?
I know if I would look twice before buying it! ;)

Enjoy your day,


Tim Dirven

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