Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That calls for a Carlsberg - The Crate Escape

Last year Carlsberg changed their slogan from 'Probably the best beer in the world' to 'That calls for a Carlsberg'. In the beginning this seemed a strange marketing move since everyone was familiar with the 'Probably the best beer in the world' slogan. The old Carlsberg slogan was first used in the mid 1970s so it lasted for quite a while. According to Jorgen Rasmsusen, the chief executive from Carlsberg the change was necessary in order to compete with the booming Asian beer markets. In the Asian culture the 'Probably the best' part is a problem, it means definitely not the best. With the change Carlsberg hopes to increase their presence on this booming market. 

Together with this new slogan came the first commercial, 'The Crate Escape' based on the movie 'The Grate Escape'.

The commercial shows the story of a few men who are going on wellness weekend with their girlfriend. The aren't exactly having the time of their lives until they see a Carlsberg factory through the window. They decide to build a tunnel to the factory and fetch a crate of Carslberg, 'That calls for a Carlsberg' off course. You can find the commercial below:

What are your thoughts on this commercial and the change of slogan?

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