Thursday, February 28, 2013

Compare Budweiser in China and UK

Budweiser is a large produced by Anheuser – Bush Inbev.  It become the highest beers in US, and is available in over 80 markets worldwide.

The price different

UK:  300 * 12= £ 10= ¥ 100

China: 300 * 12 = £ 3=¥ 30

The same product in different market the price is different. The Budweiser in China is more and more cheaper than UK.

The advertising different

Budweiser's advertising in UK

Budweiser's advertising in China

Compare with these two videos, we can see that the Budweiser's advertising in China 

is more simple and objective is very clear and easy to obtain. But the ad in UK is more

 complex, it like a short movie to tell a story. I like Budweiser's advertising in UK more 

than in China.

How about u??

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