Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Proud to be a Belgian

Belgium is a pretty small country, we Belgians are already happy if people ever even heard about us, but our beers are legendary. This is something we prove over and over again, and we are very proud of it!

Every year a rating takes place and more than 180.000 beers competed and eventually a Belgian beer won the contest, namely Westvleteren XII. This is a very special beer, as there is only a limited production. People come from far to only get a few beers.

Although Belgium lost a few spots in the list to American beers, we still have 10 beers to protect our pride. When looking at the list only a few beer names sound familiar and there is only one I ever tried. Conclusion: a lot of work still needs to be done. I am curious if a lot of people ever drank beers that are on the list…

Click here to take a look at the entire list.



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