Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Beer Marketing Awards

Dear BeerOhBeer readers,

Did you know that there are beer marketing awards in the UK? Well now you know! 
Because of these awards the marketeers and creative teams behind the brand will be celebrated, that is, if they win.

The awards will be presented at the Truman Brewery on Wednesday 13th March 2013, the entries for the Beer Marketing Awards are already closed. 

Below you can find the categories of the Beer Marketing Awards:
  1. Best advertising campaign -Print
  2. Best advertising campaign - Broadcast
  3. Best use of Social Media
  4. Best public relations campaign
  5. Best Branding/design
  6. Best use of competitions
  7. Best integrated campaign
  8. Best stunt / guerrilla marketing
  9. Best business to business campaign
  10. Best website
  11. Best use of sponsorship
  12. Best use of Merchandise
  13. Overall winner
  14. Outstanding individual achievement
So like I said the before, the awards will be presented the 13th of march 2013.

For more information click here.
If you want to attend the Beer Marketing Awards, you can always buy tickets online

I hope you guys are looking as much forward to these awards like I do!
Once the winners are announced I will make a new post about these awesome awards!


Tim Dirven

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