Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jupiler Force

Jupiler Force was launched a few years ago. Jupiler Force is a naturally brewed soft-drink that is alcohol free without colorants. Jupiler Force was created specially for men. It was a complete new product, it can't be compered with beer, cider or soft drinks. According to research Jupiler is mostly consumed from 5 p.m. so they searched for a drink that could be consumed during the rest of the day. When launched there was only one variety available. Below you can see the Jupiler Force commercial and the making of.

And now the final commercial:

However Jupiler Force wasn't an absolute success, the reviews of the customers were rather disappointing. Jupiler has launched 3 new flavors to react on the rather disappointing reviews of the Jupiler Force The 3 new flavors are:

- Fresh Lime: Bitter sweet taste with a lime punch

- Blood Red Orange: A refreshing drink with blood orange taste

- Zesty Hop: A soft drink with power and a taste of hop.

Let u know what you think of Jupiler Force & the commercial.



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