Thursday, February 28, 2013

The top 10 International Beer Festivals in the world

The top 10 most famous International beer festivals analyzed

Nr. 10 Bitter and Twisted International Boutique

Maitland, Australia
2-3 November 2013

They have a very good looking Website, and by that I mean a nice blond girl with what; a BEARD?! The red curtains inspire some curiosity of what could be found further on.
They are well connected on social networks but the Facebook link doesn’t bring you to their Fanpage. Though, I haven’t find any official page neither of them on Facebook. There is an official Youtube Channel.

The website has some Photo Galleries of the previous years. And believe it or not there are some Bavarian Girls present. YES, even in Australia! 

The website contains also a music line up. There is also a department about foods that will be served on the event. There is a special entry for VIP’s on the website and a designated area on the location of the event.

The funny part is that they held a very good looking Instagram Picture competition. And the best part is that it is located in a PRISON!

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