Thursday, February 14, 2013

Skyfall & Heineken

Probably one of the most famous movies of product placement in Marketing, with brands like Aston Martin, Omega, BMW, British Airways, Perrier, Coca Cola Zero and much more. For the last quarter of 2012, the new James Bond 007 movie Skyfall has brought his load of Marketing with him. Several marketing actions in real life have created an enormous buzz for these brands.

Visit Britain: Bond is Great Britain

VisitBritain has developed a new commercial to promote UK as a travel destination, and has chosen the characteristics of James Bond as the theme associated to Britain.

Coca Cola Zero: Unlock the 007 in you, you have 70 seconds!

The Duval Guillaume Agency has developed a game in real life in the railway station in Antwerp, Belgium, to “Unlock the 007 in you”. Watch the video to learn more.

Heineken: Crack the case

Finally, the subject of this post is the placement of Heineken in the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Replacing probably the classic James Bond drink, a “Dry martini, stirred not shaken”.
Crack the case was developed by the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Launched on the 20th September, this game has taken viewers into the ultimate James Bond test. The test takes place on a train where Bérénice Marlohe ask you to help her open the briefcase of James Bond before his villains gets to the case.


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